Providing Driver Rehabilitation in Helensvale

Young Woman Driving Her Car — Driving School in Helensvale, QLD

Regain Your Confidence

At Easy Start Driving School in Helensvale, we offer driver rehabilitation to help you manage a disability or impediment while driving. Whether you’re learning to drive for the first time or you’re a returning driver, we can tailor our lessons to suit your requirements.

Our driving instructors are specially trained to work with individuals of all ages who have physical or cognitive impairments. We are specially trained in working with people with disabilities, and we can teach you to use modified driving controls to accommodate various needs. Our driver rehabilitation lessons are designed to help you regain your independence and gain the skills you need to drive safely throughout the Gold Coast and beyond.

Take the wheel with help from Easy Start Driving School. Book a driver rehabilitation lesson on (07) 3319 1888.

Specially Modified Vehicles

We are trained to provide instruction on using disability controls in modified vehicles, and our cars are fully equipped to allow you to learn in a safe environment. Our driving instructors have experience working with drivers who have cerebral palsy or are paraplegic. We teach clients how to manage their disability while driving, giving them the skills and confidence they need to be a successful driver.

Learning to drive is daunting for everyone when they first start, and that’s why we strive to make it a positive experience. Our instructors are patient and understanding, and we teach both theoretical knowledge and practical driving skills. With driver rehabilitation from Easy Start Driving School, whatever has held you back from learning before doesn’t have to anymore. Contact our instructors in Helensvale to get started.

Young Man On Wheelchair — Driving School in Helensvale, QLD